Hrere you'll find links to some of my astronomy friends and various places I like to visit. Click on their photos or names to go to their websites.

I belong to S*T*A*R, the Monmouth County astronomy club. We are located in NJ, check out our website and discussion board, this is a very active club for its size. Since we bought the Pocono Palace, I've become active in the Greater Hazleton Area Astronomical Society (GHAAS), what a great group of astronomers! Visit our website here.

This smiling lad is Kirk Rogers, one of my "Maine" friends. Kirk has some great gear, an Astrophysics refractor and an AP1200 on a Millennium pier, an FSQ-106N and more cameras than you can shake a stick at. You can see his photos by clicking on his picture, that will transport you to his website.

Next is my other "Maine" friend, George Whitney, another dedicated astroimager. George uses both film and CCD cameras on his 6" Astrophysics refractor and 1200GTO mount. Sadly, George hasn't entered the Internet Age yet and has no website but some of his photos are on Kirk's site. George drives some incredible distances from his home in Portland Maine to attend star parties. George, Kirk and I were together at the Winter Star Party held during 2004 and they've been to Chiefland as well as New Mexico Skies. Dedication is George's motto.

Warren Keller is one of my imaging buddies. He and I have made many trips to Cherry Springs together, we've experienced it all out there in the wilds including coyotes, skunks and weather that would send Maine lobstermen running for shelter. Recently Warren has switched to the "Dark Side" of CCD imaging. I'm afraid he's beyond recovery. He has now relocated to Cherry Springs, PA where there are perpetual dark skies. Warren's website has some really spectacular photos on it, better take a look there.

Jeff Ball is one of the finest film imagers around. Check out Jeff's site, he's got some really great shots there. Jeff, Warren and I spent many happy hours musing over imaging techniques and what to shoot during overcast nights at Cherry Springs. Sadly, Jeff has moved on from astrophotography into landscape photography. He's sure getting excellent results!